Busia Kenya


Busia > Samia > Funyula > Nambuko > Mango

Closest town – Funyula


Approximately 600 people or 104 households


Primary – within community

Secondary – 5km walk


  • National grid within 1km
  • Only 2 small businesses and a private home connected


  • Ground water from shallow wells and Sio river close by
  • Spring with manual chlorine dosing
  • Irregular piped water to a few families
  • High cholera prevalence


  • Avg. Monthly Spend of 15-25 US$ (firewood, charcoal, water treatment, medicine and others)
  • Agriculture subsistence farming largely casava, maize, beans and ground nut crops
  • Some livestock & poultry


250 Families

Provided access to electricity


total amount needed in order to complete this project

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For each Euro you invest, Fortum will fund one Euro, until the project is fully funded, enabling your impact to be twice as effective.

RVE.SOl funds

RVE.SOL pledged €15000 from their own funds into the installation, to cover the overall installation costs of €45000.

5 Years

number of years until you get your money back


Gross return exclusive exchange rate. Bi-annual repayments, grace period on first payment (only interest payment), 10% interest p.a. on declining balance.


return after five years


Exchange rate fluctuations and political risks in Kenya which could influence the amount of money payed back.

Regular updates to investors

About the project and the positive impact it has on people’s lives.


50 Families

with access to renewable electricity and potable water

30 Families

Access to 24/7 electricity

20 Families

Access to solar lanterns


Hybrid solar installation


Businesses with electricity

75% more savings

per house, per month, by using electrical bulbs instead of kerosene lanterns

72% reduction

in Kerosene use

74% monthly savings energy

of $12/month instead of $16/month

47% improvement in grades

because of night-time study with light

180% increase in girl-child school

attendance because of financial savings

Zero cases of waterborne

illness through consistent use of potable water

2h savings

per mobile phone recharge, avoiding long distances to normally do so

Access to television

and related educational programs brought on further income and savings increases

100% increase

in cassava yield

66% increase

in mosquito net and resulting prevention of malaria

The impact study results indicates not only that the KUDURA technology works reliably, but more importantly that consumers are willing to pay for clean energy & water services. A further 28 households have signed for our next expansion phase.

JUNE 2016

GVEP joins SME training program

APRIL 2016

Installation of RVE.SOL’s mobile PAYG metering system

APRIL 2016

Project capacity upgrade completed through crowdfunding by TRINE


Project upgrade funded fully by crowdsourcing

Crowdfund Platform [CLICK HERE]


TRINE funding site visit

MAY 2015

Social Impact Analysis after 3 years


Site Commissioning


EPC Deployment


Baseline Social Survey

JUNE 2011

Community Sensitisation and Capacity Building

APRIL 2011

RVE.SOL funds Sidonge pilot as proof of concept

APRIL 2011

Site identification visit


KUDURA before new panels installed | KUDURA antes da instalação do novo painel

Community workers erecting electricity distribution pole | Os trabalhadores da Comunidade levantando um poste de distribuição eletrica

Last minute adjustments to remote telemetry system | Ajustes de última hora no sistema de telemetria remota

Some of the 24 panels installed | Alguns dos 24 painéis instalados

Some of the 24 panels installed | Alguns dos 24 paineis instalados

KUDURA after new panels installed | KUDURA depois da instalação dos novos paineis

Agriculture | Agricultura

Agriculture | Agricultura

Water collection | Recolha de água

Water collection | Recolha de água

Local water collection – 1km away | Local de recolha de água – 1km de distância

Busy Busia | Busia ocupada

Clean water tastes great | Água limpa, otimo sabor.

Pole wiring | Poste de cabos

Laying power cables for thatch roof home electricity installation | Colocação cabos de alimentação para a instalação de electricidade na cobertura dos telhados

Biogas installation | Instalação de Biogás

Typical cooking in kitchen | Culinária típica na cozinha

Typical cooking in kitchen | Culinária típica na cozinha

Water collection | Recolha de água

Community woman consultation meeting | Reunião de consulta às mulheres da comunidade

Children collecting water from shallow well | Crianças a recolher água do poso raso

Child reading by kerosene | Criança a ler com Querosene

Community consultation meeting | Reunião de consulta da comunidade

Kids at school | Crianças na escola

Community sensitisation meeting | Reunião de sensibilização da comunidade

Community sensitisation meeting | Reunião de sensibilização da comunidade

Community sensitisation meeting | Reunião de Sensibilização da Comunidade

Sidonge water source – shallow well | Fonte de água em Sidonge – poço raso

Crops | Plantação

Sidonge homestead | Propriedade de Sidonge

Sidonge homestead | Propriedade de Sidonge

Sidonge family | Família de Sidonge

Typical Sidonge homestead | Propriedade típica de Sidonge